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Work packages

LECHe website: workpackages

Workpackage 1

‘General Project Management’: led by the Open University, United Kingdom (OU-UK), this workpackage is responsible for the organisational, financial and administrative management of the project.

Workpackage 2

‘Inventory and Research’: led by FernUniversität in Hagen (FernUni), Germany, this workpackage is responsible for investigating and informing the broad design parameters for the development of the curriculum content in workpackage 3, as well as the outline for the pilot delivery (workpackage 4) to students. In addition, it will investigate the requirements and implementation of the virtual learning (Virtual mobility) space.

Workpackage 3

‘Module Content Development’: led by Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain, this workpackage is responsible for developing the curriculum content and the virtual learning space, building on the outputs of Workpackage 2. It is divided into the following deliverables:

1. Introduction to climate change in the context of sustainable development (teaching module led by UNED, with specialist expertise provided by Wageningen University).

2. Comparing the experience of climate change in the global South and North (teaching module led by OU-UK, with specialist expertise provided by Wageningen University).

3. Interdisciplinary research methods for investigating the lived experience of climate change (teaching module (led by University of Derby).

4. Master dissertation package based on the virtual learning space:

    i) A repository of suggested dissertation topics

    ii) Hyperlinks to existing local, national and regional projects on climate change and their databases

    iii) A repository of Masters’ dissertations in the area.

5. A virtual mobility package based on the virtual learning space:

    i) A virtual classroom for students and their tutors/supervisors

    ii) A virtual café which expands access to citizens and organisations who might be the subject of dissertation projects, thus allowing for a dialogue on climate change between citizens and academia

    iii) Ongoing monitoring of the virtual mobility package and its ICT components.

Workpackage 4

‘Modules and Virtual Mobility Pilot’: led by Open Universiteit Nederland (OUNL), Netherlands, this workpackage is responsible for a pilot presentation to students of the deliverables of workpackage 3. Students are guided by staff of the participating institutions and facilitated by the virtual learning space on the shared platform, which is hosted by OUNL.

Workpackage 5

‘Quality Assurance and Evaluation’: led by Universidade Aberta (UAb), Portugal, this workpackage is responsible for a quality management plan for ongoing monitoring of all aspects of the project. Quality assurance of the content deliverables (workpackage 3) will be aided by external assessors.

Workpackage 6

‘Project Dissemination’: led by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU), this workpackage is responsible for a dissemination plan in order to disseminate project results systematically to policy advisors, staff and students within (and outside) universities, and other regional stakeholders (e.g. professional networks).

Workpackage 7

‘Project and Results Exploitation’: led by Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Belgium, this workpackage is responsible for a strategy to enable usage (i.e., exploitation) of the project results after termination by both project partners and other universities. The overall aim will be to contribute to long-term sustainability of the project, and will include providing the content deliverables of workpackage 3 as open educational resource at the project’s end.